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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Get Free $75 Google AdWords Coupon Code 2012

Get Free $75 Google AdWords Coupon Code 2012, Google is currently giving a limited time offer AdWords free trial voucher worth $75.

To get your $75 worth of AdWords credit, follow the instructions below.

1. Go to the free trial page
2. Fill in the necessary details
Google AdWords Coupon Code 2012
3. Wait for your coupon to arrive in your inbox
Google AdWords Coupon Code

4. Proceed to AdWords' website
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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Use Payza to Send and Receive Money Online in Pakistan and India

Use Payza to Send and Receive Money Online in Pakistan and India, People have been looking for some good alternates to PayPal and here is a new alternative!

What is Payza?
If you are affiliated to any online business, you must have come across Alertpay, Alertpay also called Payza, which was also a good substitute of PayPal when it comes to universal transactions. Payza has replaced Alertpay and is working as an online processor website that allows you to have online transactions. With your Payza account, your world becomes global, where you can buy things online and at the same time can send and receive payments too.

Being located in UK, with its headquarters in London, this corporate has many regional offices in countries like India, Bangladesh, Sweden, etc. To be accurate enough, there are 8 million members who are availing their Payza accounts in their online business. What gives this alternate extra privilege is that Payza covers 197 countries with 22 different currencies where its services are functional.

How to Send and Receive the Amount?
Payza makes the money transaction easier and efficient. All you need to do is to create an online account on where you can open a starter account for free initially. What happens when you transfer money online is, some percent of the transacted amount is deduced as tax, and it is here that you are exempted from it till your transactions do not cross $2000. The last and the most important thing you should know before moving on with it is, you have to verify your account before receiving the money in your country. There are three genuine methods to get your account verified and enjoy the online transaction in your country. I Personally Suggest you to Start Payza Account with Pro or Business Account, Because They Give you more facilities.

1. Credit Card:
Verifying your payza is easy with your credit card. You need to open an account in a local bank that provides services internationally, if you are in Pakistan or India, Standard Charted or Citi Bank can be a good choice. These Banks allow you to enjoy online banking.
Once done with that, log in to your payza account and add your credit card on your account by clicking on “add credit card” option. This will deduce some tax from your credit card but that is too small. Now that your credit card gets linked with your account, you can make online transactions with your credit card.

2. Wire (Bank) Transfer:
Although the credit cards are most efficient out of all where the transactions take place in minutes, an alternate for those who do not have a credit card is the verification through wire transfer. You must have a local bank account for this. You just need to enter all details in your payza account and the account will be automatically be verified once you withdraw your money from your payza account and it reaches to you within 4 business days.

3) Check:
You need to figure out your priorities first before choosing any method among these three. This method is the longest of all and often takes more than 30 days to transfer the money. You need to request your ID card named check from Payza and have to submit it in your local bank. The bank will process it and the money would be transferred to your account after a long duration stated above. Payza also deduct $5 for this method. Not only this, but depending on your local Bank’s policy, some amount is deducted as fee too.

Although there are some domains that are stuck to PayPal, the emerging alternatives are attracting many online earners with their services. But Many of Famous websites Using Now Payza like Zeekrewards One of the most famous website they also using Payza to Send and Receive Money Online in Pakistan and India.
If you need any help related to the Using Payza to Send and Receive Money Online in Pakistan and India Feel Free to Contact me Share your views by comments.
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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

ZeekRewards in URDU Training

Zeekrewards Join
Zeekrewards in URDU
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Zeekrewards Join

We Provide you Zeekrewards Complete Detail with SignUp, if you Really want to make money with Zeekrewards then you need to sign up with Silver Package in this package you get $10 Account 120 Points and also your earning start with refer, let me tell you Zeekrewards is really working Program, if you are interested and want to join with us so we need to work together, if you need any help please let me know i will sort your problem. Join Method

  • Goto
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  • After join Free Membership then Email me at you sign up 
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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Swap Title of Blogger Blog for SEO

My most of Bloggers Friends need to know about how to optimized Blog Title, The Solutions is  I revised the template for my blog to use the following template code for generating title tags:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageName == &quot;&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>
Swap Title of Blogger Blog for SEO
The title tag generated with this template code contains the post title first, followed by the blog title. This gives you search engine optimized titles as the post title is likely to contain more relevant keywords for a page than the blog title and relevant words should be placed near the beginning of title.
Secondly, I noticed that the blog.pageName variable contains valid title for regular Blogger posts and special pages such as search results, labels and archive pages. Also, in most cases the blog.pageName is same as blog.pageTitle minus blog.title. So by concatenating a few variables together, here are the titles generated by this template code:
  • Home Page
    <title>Blogger SEO</title>
  • Blogger Search for "php gd library"
    <title>Search results for php gd library | Blogger SEO</title>
  • Label php
    <title>php | Blogger SEO</title>
  • Archive for May 2012
    <title>May 2009 | Blogger SEO</title>
  • Post
    <title>Swap Title of Blogger Blog for SEO | Blogger SEO</title>


You need to insert this code in your Blogger template as follows:
  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard › Layout › Edit HTML
  2. Backup your original template using the "download full template" option.
  3. Find the code in the Blogger template that says:
    • If you cannot find it, chances are that you already have a similar hack installed. In this case, proceed if you know exactly what you are doing.
  4. Replace it with the code mentioned in the beginning of this article and save the template.
  5. Test your blog thoroughly.

Update: Change Titles of Blogger Blog That Use Classic Template

Classic Blogger templates are harder to customize. However, I have found a way to change the title for blogs that use the classic Blogger templates. The following trick changes the titles for post pages from:
<title>Blog Title: Blog Post 1</title>
<title>Blog Post 1 | Blog Title</title>
The titles for other pages remain the same. Here is the template code for classic templates:

<title><Blogger><$BlogItemTitle$></Blogger> | <$BlogTitle$></title>
The above code should replace the existing title code for your template, which normally looks like:
And here are the resulting titles:
  • Home Page
    <title>Blog Title</title>
  • Blogger Search for "lorem"
    <title>Blog Title</title>
  • Label php
    <title>Blog Title</title>
  • Archive for October 2012
    <title>Blog Title: October 2012</title>
  • Post
    <title>Blog Post 1 | Blog Title</title>

More Updates about SEO, If you need any help related to the Blogger Feel Free to Contact me Share your views by comments.
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Saturday, 4 August 2012 has a New SEO RealTime Search Engine:

bitly realtime
As many of you might already know, Bitly is the largest Link Shortening service. In fact, it is the one responsible for ushering the world into the concept of short links four years ago. Since then, it has been extensively been used to replace long URLs into a collection of just a few characters, which can be easily shared on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. It came is handy especially for twitter, where there is a character limit on tweets. Well now, after almost four years, Bitly has finally collected enough data to create a whole new search engine of its own! Bitly calls it "Real-time", and describes it as an "Attention Ranking" Search Engine. Although still in its beta phase, it has been rolled out to the public. It can be accessed at

What is the Realtime project?

No, it isn't another search engine like Yahoo or Bing that've been inspired by Google. Well, inspired maybe. Competition, no. Bitly's Realtime is a different sort of search engine. It can be thought of as a cross between Google's search, and Twitter's Trending topics. realtime search
Bitly has been hard at work expanding its business influence. In January, it updated its enterprise dashboarding system, and it redesigned its structure in May, which made it more of a Social Bookmarking service than a URL shortner. With a latest round of funding by Khosla Ventures, and the announcement of this new search engine, it's pretty clear Bitly wants to make a much greater mark on the internet.

How does it work?

Bitly's Realtime is aimed at providing users with the most viral news at the moment from around the world. It tracks every URL that has been shortened, and then shared on social media. The top links clicked every minutes are listed in the Realtime news feed.

That isn't the power of the project though, far from if. The really useful feature comes with the search filters. It has really easy to use search filters. Like any search engine, you can search for news based on keywords. You can also bring up targeted results based on country, and even audience's language. Just like Google's site search feature, you can search keywords from any single domain (such as

The most powerful features though, are search by Topic, or search on social media. There's a list of topics you can choose from. Additionally, you can choose from among five social medias presently, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Ameblo (a Japanese Social network-cum-blogging community). You can, for example, search for "best strategies" (keyword) for "advertising" (topic) on Twitter (social network).
Realtime search filters

Join the service now!

For bloggers, every new internet service that they can somehow use is a possible opportunity. A lot of you might already be shortening your links to share on Twitter and other social media. If you already are using Bitly, then there's good news for you! Your content might get searched, making your content viral and reachable to a whole new audience you never knew existed!

Remember that this search engine relies only on the data from links that have been shortened using Bitly. If you've never used Bitly to shorten your links, then your content will not be searched, simple as that!

This service not only encourages users to use Bitly's link shortening service, but also to share their content on social media. The incentive being a potential for a lot more traffic. Millions of people are looking for the most popular and recent news at any time. The Realtime news feed could be another source for them. This is a whole new concept, and has a lot of potential to grow. Well played Bitly. I'm sure many others will now follow their lead.

So get yourself registered with Bitly now, and start shortening and sharing to get your awesome content listen and become reachable to millions of people worldwide!
This Method is Very good for SEO as per my view! what you think, share your views by comments.
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